Forex Trading Academy is an educational platform that has been developed to help traders with their trading journey. Our mission is to assist aspiring traders on their journey to profitability.


Trading Is The Easiest Way To Make Life Changing Money

Trading comprises of so many different elements and variables thus making it a difficult task to be a successful trader. We focus on educating, developing and growing traders!
The Breakdown

How It Works?

Revamped Online Course
The first part of your journey is our online course, which is over 150+ hours of content that covers all the basic to advanced resources you need to understand trading fully.
Ongoing Education
The content is a big first step, but you’ll notice after a while that you’ll hit a ceiling. That’s where our ongoing education kicks in. Every week, we’ll be holding 2-3 live sessions with Morne.
Private Community
A community of expert & beginner traders that can help one another and get help from Morne and his team.
Our Founder Morne

Why I Founded Forex Trading Academy

A lot of interest arises in the content produced on Social Media around how to trade and what trading is. With pencil pushers and con artists around every corner wanting to get into your pockets, I have taken it upon myself to open an honest, trustworthy, and legitimate academy set out with the intention of helping individuals gain true financial freedom.

Forex Trading Academy is a platform that provides all the educational content an aspiring trader requires on their journey to become a full-time trader.


Don't take our word for it.

Take a look at what some of our FTA students have to say…

Trading alongside Morne has been one of my best financial decisions. Morne has helped me in making over R55,000 in my first 3 months.

Callum Cunliff

With the help of Morne, I have made over R150,000 from trading.

Erasmus Smit

The growth in my trading journey has been like nothing else. After 2 months of trading with Morne I've managed to profit over R45,000.

Caiden Jerrard

Morne has helped me achieve true financial freedom. I have been a full time trader for 11 months making a living from day trading.

Kyle Smit

Morne goes above and beyond for his students. He flew me out for in person mentorship and within my first week I had technical analysis figured out.

Fernando Vermeulen

I was introduces to trading by Morne. He pointed me in the right direction, helped me with technicals and gave me solid advice along the way. I have made life changing money trading alongside Morne and highly recommend him to anyone looking to get into trading.

Matthewe Van Geems

Morne has helped me achieve what I never thought possible with trading in just a couple of weeks. Fixing my risk management and psychology upon other technical issues and overall increasing my performance in a time I thought to be unreal. He puts in alot of effort to purely help people go way beyond their known boundaries... I would highly recommend him if you are struggling to find the 'truth' in trading and how to really become a better trader

Kyle Moodley
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